Cub Scout - Pack 7 - Mansfield, MA

The fall popcorn sale is the main source of income for Pack 7, without it we couldn't fund all of the pack activities.   


Every year the boys do a great job selling.  This year we want to provide more incentives and rewards for the boys to sell. (In addition to what council offers)

This year Pack 7 will raffle of one free trip to Camp Norse Summer Camp !!!

Scouts who sell $200 will get 1 ticket entered into the raffle 
- Scouts who sell over $200 will get one additional ticket entered every $100 they sell over $200  

 Also in Pack 7 tradition  every boy who sells $500 will get the pleasure of throwing a pie at Cubmaster Mark Donnellan

Ready to sell !!!

In addition to selling to your friends, family and neighbors boys can also sign up for show and sells

If you sign up for a Show and Sell, in addition to picking up and dropping off the popcorn,  you will need the following items:
- Table
- Scout-made sign
- Tape for hanging the sign
- 25-30 $1 bills for making change
- Two envelopes—one for sales, one for donations (made to the pack not attributed to Popcorn)

- Post-it notes (It’s helpful to label the popcorn while learning the prices.)
- Pen/paper for tallying sales