Cub Scout - Pack 7 - Mansfield, MA

In order for a Cub Scout Pack to operate properly and successfully, it must have a group of volunteer leaders to plan and coordinate all activities and events, as well as handle finances, recruitment, awards, and achievements.  These leaders fill two types of leadership roles.  Pack Committee leaders and Den Leaders.

The Pack Committee is responsible for planning monthly pack level meetings, events, outings, parades, camp-outs, community service projects, fund raising, pinewood derby, and rocket launch.

Position                                          Name                                E-Mail Address                                         Telephone

Angle Tree District Executive Roberta Gilson (508) 286-9202 Ext 203
Chartered Organization Rep Phil
Committee Chairman Antonio 
Cub Master Mark Donnellan 
Membership Tracy Carifa 
Treasurer Susan Kerrigan
Community Service - -
Awards / Advancements  Tammy Rozelle
Pack Trainer - -
Pinewood Derby Steve Corrigan
Rocket Launch John Taylor 
Popcorn Kernal
 Tracy Carifa 

Rank Position Leader Email
 Tiger Leader
 Tiger Assistant Leader  

 WolfDen 1 LeaderJanine 
 Wolf Den 2 Leader Kris Schmidt
  Wolf Den 2 Co-Leader Pat Dury
  Wolf Den 3 Leader Mark Deckett
  Wolf Den 3 Co-Leader Leah Kobs
  Wolf Den 4 Leader Dave Soto
  Wolf Den 4 Co-Leader Antonio Wendland
 Bear  Den 1 Leader Suzanne Taylor
  Bear  Den 1 Co-Leader Mary Beth Jeans
  Bear  Den 2 Leader Tracy Ackerman
  Bear  Den 2 Co-Leader Skip Ackerman
 Webelos 1  Den 2 Leader  Jen Corrigan
 Webelos 1 Den 2 Co-Leader Steve Corrigan
 Webelos 1 Den 3 Leader Justin Davey
 Webelos 1 Den 3 Co-Leader Brian
 Webelos 1 Den 4 Leader David Santoro
 Webelos 1 Den 4 Co-Leader  
Webelos 2 Den 1 Leader Barbara Gutierrez
 Webelos 2 Den 1 Co-Leader Barbara Nalen-Cardosa
 Webelos 2 Den 2 Leader Jason Wagner
 Webelos 2 Den 2 Co-Leader  
 Webelos 2 Den 3 Leader Phil Burnham
 Webelos 2 Den 3 Co-Leader Marc Turgeon