Cub Scout - Pack 7 - Mansfield, MA


The Pack 7 Pinewood Derby starts with the passing out of the cars at our annual Holiday party in December.  The scouts then use their imagination to develop their cars, taking tips from some of these web sites.                                                                                                                      

They must follow the rules as set out by the Annawon Council to win trophies for speed and best design.  We use the Annawon rules as the four fastest times of the Pack qualify for the Annawon District races.  As soon as Annawon puts out the rules we publish them, along with tips on how to make the fastest cars while staying within the rules.  The Pack 7 Pinewood Derby is a family event with a sibling and parent division in addition den divisions for the scouts.  Sibling car kits are available for purchase.

Weigh-in: Saturday February 28, 8am-10am at St. Mary's Rose Garden lower level garage door

 All cars must be brought to the weigh-in in order to race.  If you can not check-in your car at this time, you need yo make arrangements with some one in the Pack leadership to get the car weighed in and checked against the rules.  Cars are checked for weight, size, axle placement, wheels and other rule specific characteristics of the cars.  Scout leaders will be on hand with tools in case your car needs any adjustments.  Once checked in the car will be kept by the Pinewood Derby Committee until the time of the race.

Race Day: Saturday, March 7th, 2015, 11:00AM - 3:00PM at St Mary's Parish Center

The track is set up.  The scouts take turns pressing the button to release the electronic starting gate.  And the cars are off, speeding down the 35 foot track in under three seconds. All cars that are entered in the derby run four heats.  While the cars are running their heats refreshments will be available at the back of the hall.  Good luck to all who enter.

Annawon Council Official Rules:

• Attendance: This is a Scouting event, so all participants (and all Scouting Leaders) are expected to be in their full scout uniform.
• Always rule 1: Have fun! As with all Cub Scout events, the first rule is always to have fun!
• Kits: Only cars built entirely from the “Official Grand Prix” Pinewood Derby kit shall be eligible for competition. Kits may be obtained through the council office. If kits are obtained through other sources, be sure that they are official BSA kits. Cars used in previous years are ineligible.
• Maximum width: Overall width shall not exceed 2.75 (2¾) inches.
• Minimum width of the body between the axles shall not be less than 1.75” (1 ¾”).
• Length: Overall length shall not exceed 7.0 inches.
• Weight: Weight shall not exceed 5.0 ounces. Weight shall not be added to or removed from the car once it is registered
• Height: Overall height shall not exceed 2.75 (2¾) inches.
• Details: Details such as a steering wheel, driver, decals, painting, and interior details are permissible as long as these details do not exceed the maximum length, width, height and weight specifications and they are securely fastened with no moving parts.
• Attachments: The car must be free-wheeling with no starting and or acceleration devices.
• Springs: The car shall not ride on any type of springs.
• Bearings: Washers and bushings of any type (including paper) are prohibited.
• Lubrication: The only lubrication that may he applied to the car is Dry Graphite. This may be applied only to the axles, wheel hubs, and contact points between the wheels and the car body. Graphite may not he applied once the car has been registered. Use of liquid lubrication is prohibited. Note: It you plan to lubricate your car, please do so at home. Graphite which spills on the floor is both difficult to remove and potentially dangerous.
• Axles: Only the axles (nails or the “new” BSA axle kits) provided in the kit may be used. Chroming, or any other type of special technical process, may not be used to apply a smooth finish to the nail or axle kits. Axle spacing of 4 3/8” inches must be maintained on all cars.
• Eligibility: Only registered Tiger Cubs, Cub Scouts, or Webelos Scouts are eligible to compete. Only one entry per boy is allowed. Multiple entries made by the same boy will result in a disqualification of all his entries.
• Responsibilities: It is the sole responsibility of each participant to pick up his car at the end of the race. The District Pinewood Committee is not responsible for lost or damaged cars.
• Wheels: Wheels must be full width, as provided in the “Grand Prix Kit.” (NOTE: Wheels with the raised lettering are a bit difficult to fit into the track slots.) Wheels may not be tapered or re-formed so as to reduce the footprint of the wheel against the track surface. Wheel seams may be removed from the wheel, as described in the kit, providing that the preceding rules are not violated. No other modifications to wheels are permitted.
• Staging: Cars shall have a leading edge which is flat and parallel with the axles. The leading edge should be between 0.5 (½) and 0.75 (¾) inches above the track. Cars which “ride-up” on the staging pegs may be run backwards, or disqualified, at the judges discretion. An electronic finish line will be used, therefore, it is recommended that extreme needle-nose designs be avoided. (See Picture on Open Rules)
• Adjustments: Once a car is registered, nobody may tamper with the car, except to repair broken parts or to correct rule violations at the repair station. An adult is permitted to make the repair and/or correction. Any adjustments must be made under the supervision of one of the race officials.
• In order for any heat to be Re-run it must be a clear malfunction of equipment, or interference with the cars or track by a foreign object. A slow heat, will still be a slow heat, that is part of racing. Any challenge to the results will be reviewed by the Pinewood Committee, their decision is final.